The textile sector is a cornerstone in developing and boosting the economy. Easing the textile sector by giving relief in the import/export duties and rationalising the tariffs certainly gives an upwards jump to the trade resulting in a directly proportional effect to the economy. Due to the current global pandemic and lockdown, the textile sector faced repercussion because of zero or low production. The decision of the ECC on the removal of RDs ACDs on HS codes of the textile sector has lit up the path of prosperity for the textile sector.

Approval of this proposal is a great initiative and hats off to the PM Aide for Trade and Textile for making this happen. His focused vision on trade and especially on textile exports will surely take the Pakistan textile sector to new heights. Cost reduction and reduction of all duties will surely play a pivotal role in establishing “Made In Pakistan” items in the international market, which will lead to export growth. Other than all these, textile manufacturers and exporters do have some suggestions to make. We would like to request Razak Dawood and the MOC to remember dyes and chemicals while doing tariff rationalisation for textile and to include removal of ACD on the polyester filament yarn.