ISLAMABAD    -  Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz has said that national economy is moving towards betterment and stability as construction sector in Pakistan is making record momentum with hiatoric sale of cement.

Addressing a news conference here on Tuesday regarding steps taken in Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, he said that the government has planned to announce a reasonable support price for wheat that will help reduce the artificial shortage of flour in the country.

He said Sindh government’s failure to purchase wheat on time led to the flour shortage.

The Minister said according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to facilitate small and medium enterprises, the government has decided that Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will get additional electricity on 50 per cent reduced rates from first of this month till 30th of the June next year.

He said the electricity will be provided to the industry on off-peak hours basis throughout the year.

The Information Minister said that national economy is moving towards betterment and stability as record increase has been witnessed in sale of cement in the country.

Construction activities are getting popular and increasing in the country with positive indicators and improved ratio of exports and textile sector, he said.

He said that former governments had signed electricity agreements on exhorbiant rates.

He said that electricity rates for industrial sector are being decreased with new policies on part of PTI government.

He said that by providing subsidies to industrial sector, new employment opportunities are being created in the country.

He said that some industries are working in three shifts nowadays with increased business environment in the country.

He said government is working effectively to control prevailing wave of inflation and devising measures to keep check on inflation.

Commenting on sugar prices, the Minister said that with availability of imported sugar in the country, sugar prices will witness reduction soon.

He said that Opposition’s narrative is against Pakistan and national defence, which will not be acceptable in any case.

The Information Minister said that Opposition have no programme for future of Pakistan and damaging the country through their anti-Pakistan narrative.

He said PML-N’s recent narrative is aimed at putting aside their corruption cases. He said negative propaganda of PML-N is not acceptable to any segment of Pakistani society.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is court offender and trying to become a revolutionary leader while sitting in the luxurious flats of London.

He said that entire apparatus and system of the country cannot be put on stake to save a family. He added that narrative of PML-N revolves to defend corruption of Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif.

Talking about processions of PDM, he said that Provincial Ministers of PTI used to gather much public in their processions than crowd of PDM.

He also added that politics of Maulana Fazlur Rehman centered round power and Government.

He said that erstwhile rulers promoted the culture of corruption, nepotism and plundering. He said Rana Sanaullah should tell who will be held accountable for Model Town tragedy.

Commenting on appointment of Firdous Ashiq Awan, Senator Shibli Faraz said that the appointment of Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan as Special Assistant to Chief Minister is administrative decision of Chief Minister.

Commenting on soaring prices of wheat in Sindh, he said that decision of Sindh government to fix price of wheat for 2000 mound based on malafide intention.

We will expose Sindh Government as people in Sindh are buying flour on exhorbiant prices, he said.

He said Sindh government involved in hoarding of wheat as Sindh Government did not release wheat in time.

He also stated that Foreign Office is working to devise mechanism to bring back Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan.

He said PML-N should also put pressure on Nawaz Sharif to come back to Pakistan.

Commenting on narrative of the Opposition, he said that enemies of Pakistan wants to turn this country into Syria.

We will not tolerate anti-Pakistan rhetoric of Opposition, said Senator Shibli Faraz.

He said that PTI government is working hard to strengthen the institutions, which were wrecked in the past.

He said PML-N and PPP had developed their monopoly in the past,which was shattered by PTI.

He said that Opposition wants to make uncertainty in the country through their rhetoric.

We have no issue with processions of Opposition, our concern relates with their statements and rhetoric, said Shibli Faraz.