ISLAMABAD-The National Highway Authority (NHA) is devising a mechanism to appoint a team which will ensure hygienic food availability under reasonable price at the service areas of the motorways.

Paying heed to the increasing complaints of unhygienic food and excessive prices, the road authority is in consultation to appoint a team that will focus on service areas of the motorways across the country.

According to a reply submitted in the National Assembly, NHA is the custodian of motorways across the country but the service areas along the motorways are leased to various operators who further rent out the available facilities to vendors providing various services.

It is stated by NHA that though most of the chains operating in service areas are of national and international level and they are ensuring provision of best quality food, however, instances where the shelf life of presented food item may be a bit overdue cannot be ruled out.

“It is purely the vendors own fault and is punishable,” NHA stated, adding: “NHA with their concessioner are devising a mechanism to appoint a team which will ensure hygienic food availability under reasonable.”

Meanwhile, the house was also briefed about the exact number of fuelling facilities on motorways across the country. It was informed that there are a total of 10 fully operational sites that include Hakla and Rashaki on M-1, Sukhekhi, Sial More, Bhera, Kallar Kahar and Chakri on M-2, Tandliyanwala and Sahianwala at M-4.

It was informed that five contracts have been awarded for fuelling stations and construction work at sites is in progress and they are not operational at present which include Nankana Sahib and Muridwala on M-3, and Quttub Din Shah, Azampur and Uch Sharif on M-5.

It is further informed that besides these stations, awards for two fuelling stations are in process and sites are yet to be established that include Rohri and Mansehra.

Meanwhile, NHA has informed that six other sites are available but not procured yet that include Koza Banda, Dandewal, Jumani, Tatapur, Multan and Zahirpir.