KARACHI   -  A group of unidentified men looted 300 oxygen cylinders and 100 water coolers from COVID store of a government hospital in Karachi.

The incident took place on October 22 at Sindh Government Hospital – New Karachi where a group of men carried off hundreds of oxygen cylinders and water coolers from COVID store in front of staff and many other people.

A case was lodged at Bilal Colony police station over the incident. Hospital sources said that the culprits brought a truck to loot and load the hospital assets.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), police caught four men on the spot while loading six oxygen cylinders on a truck, whereas, it emerged that the looters had already taken take away 300 cylinders and 100 water coolers.

It read that one of the arrested men from the crime scene including driver claimed in his statement that a person came to them in a vehicle to book a truck and loaders. He added that the unidentified man cleared the truck at the hospital’s gate to enter in its premises.

The arrested persons include Saeedullah, Ibrahim, Noman and Abdul Majid. Police sources said that raids were being conducted in different areas to arrest more suspects.