Islamabad-Ouj-e-Zahoor, the official of the Pakistan Basketball Federation had stated at the start of the tournament, “If there were 10 steps to take the game forward in the country, the tournament would take Pakistan to step five.” As the tournament, played in the novel 3x3 format, climaxed with Markhors crowned the country’s inaugural champions this week, it’s not only brought new talent to the fore but at the same time has provided the game a lift-off. 

“The outcome is amazing,” said Ouj, who was actively involved in the organization of the National finals, which brought the tournament to a close after regional qualifiers at five different venues. “There are a lot of things we can look forward too.” Former player Mehmood Ahmed Nasir said the platform provided by the tournament is limitless. The tournament provided an opportunity for many clubs to take part. The smaller format meant they were able to field several of their teams.