In his first-ever speech to the UN General Assembly during his 40 years in power, the Libyan President Colonel Muammar Qaddafi caused quite a stir in the house on two points; the veto power and the Taliban issue. He was absolutely right in criticizing the veto power enjoyed by the big countries and rightly demanded annulment of the same. Reading from a copy of the of the UN Charter that says All nations are equal whether big or small, President Qaddafi accused the UN Security Councils of wielding the veto powers as a betrayal of principles enunciated in the Charter. His announcement that We do not accept it and we do not acknowledge it drew a deserved big applause. President Qaddafi was, however, wide off the mark in his very spirited defence of the Taliban. He said, Why are we against the Taliban? If the Taliban want to make a religious state, like the Vatican, its okay. Does the Vatican constitute a danger to us? No. If the Taliban want to create an Islamic Emirate who said they are a danger. Qaddafi, it appears, is totally unaware of the motives, character, conduct and ideology of the so-called Islam being practiced by the Taliban. He is surprisingly ignorant of the atrocities done by the Taliban against the innocent people of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Or may be he is not so ignorant but since the good Colonel feels so sympathetic towards the idea of an 'Islamic Emirate, why cant he allot a chunk of land to Taliban in Libya to let them establish one? -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, September 30.