I am a 55 years old former class IV government employee whose daughter was a patient of blood cancer that needed medical treatment from Fatmid Foundation Gulberg Lahore. I had to take her to Lahore every fortnight to get her fresh blood transfusion and did so for ten years. Finally, the doctors advised the bone-marrow transplant from some hospital in London which was to cost forty thousand pounds. I could not arrange for her treatment owing to poverty and my daughter lost her life after prolonged illness. Thereafter, I was struck by another tragedy when the National Cooperative Finance Corporation had my ancestral home auctioned in 2000 on pretext of some loan taken by my father and I have been homeless since. These tragedies affected my health and I am now a patient of Hepatitis-C and diabetes. I have already lost my job, which was my sole source of earning. Indebted, diseased and distressed, I need help from generous people who could support the expense of my food, medical treatment and medicine. -GUL SHADAB, Gujrat, October 2.