KARACHI - The city governments forest department has decided to extend the forest, which was established on 100 acres land in Gadap town. , CDGK had planted 55 thousands trees there, whereas the department is going to plant more trees, the Nation has learnt on Friday. The 100-acre forest was established in Gadap town, along with Thado Dam, on Thado River. The trees plantation at there proved much beneficial from economic point of view but also appealed wild life, which spontaneously appeared around the jungle, sources said. The DDO Forest Rashid Dehree told the Nation that, purpose behind plantation of more trees is to revive the wild life in the out skirts of Karachi to maintain the natural environment in the city and provide a place for the citizens to entertain polluted-free atmosphere and enjoy its natural beauties. It is worthy of note that deer are seen leaping in outskirts of the Pakistans biggest industrial and port city, Deer and other animals including birds start appearing in the CDGK establish jungle on 100 acres land in Gadap town. Sources further said that due to the lush greenery and flora and fauna of the jungle, various types of animals such as deer, rabbit, Porcupine, antelopes, jackals, all types of butterflies, kingfisher, wild duck, finches, coil, dove, parrots, partridges and all migratory birds may also be visualised in the forest. Mr Dehree said that Thado Dam is sufficient to meet the needs of animals and birds. The chairman for Forest and Livestock Committee, Arif Bhatti, said that the establishment of Jungle on 100 acres land was a great achievement of the city government with the aim of service and entertainment for the people. He described that about 40 different kinds of trees are planted in the Karachis Changa Manga including Cronocarpus, Neem, Pyrus peepal, Coconut, Badam, Lignum, African Tulip, Ticoma, Sada Bahar, Jungle Jalebi, Sukhchain etc. At last, he was of the view that now it was responsibility of the citizens to keep the environment calm and clean.