The Enhanced Partnership Act with Pakistan (EPAWP), also known as Kerry-Lugar Bill, has generally provoked a mixed reaction. The government has welcomed the US aid attached with wings, while the opposition parties (outside the Parliament) and the media have condemned it. The government and the Parliament has preferred to remain silent on the issue. As far as the opposition in the Parliament is concerned, they have presented a classic example of a 'friendly opposition. The observation of the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani during his press conference at Gilgit on this critical issue was rather prosaic, if not outright mundane. Prime Minister Gilani remarked that it was too premature for him to comment upon the Kerry-Lugar Bill till it was enacted and becomes law after the signature of US president. Generally speaking, the people and the analyst condemning the bill have the disquieting feeling of betrayal by the US for imposing the humiliating conditions against a frontline state in the War on Terror, without consulting Islamabad. This treatment is not acceptable because they cannot under any circumstances compromise upon Pakistans sovereignty. The US administration on the other hand claims that Islamabad was on board since May 7, 2008 when the Foreign Relation Committee of the US Senate approved the Biden-Lugar Bill during Gilanis visit to the US. According to highly reliable sources in Islamabad, earlier there was no question of any condition being imposed, dictated or inflicted on Pakistan as various drafts related to the bill were constantly being exchanged and modified resulting in the final draft which was accepted with a mutual understanding and goodwill on both sides. Furthermore, according to diplomatic sources in both Washington and Islamabad, the incumbent leadership as well as our embassy in Washington was fully aware of all the contents of the Enhanced Partnership Act with Pakistan (EPAWP). However, due to some apprehension a clause is set to have been incorporated in the EPAWP, which is that, any article of the Act can be amended or deleted at any stage by mutual agreement. Moreover, it has also been incorporated in the Act that it rests with the Government of Pakistan to accept the Act or disassociate itself from it whenever Islamabad may so choose. Therefore, if at any stage certain clauses of the EPAWP are not considered by the Parliament in the best interest of the Islamic Republic and its people at large, the final decision to join the Enhanced Partnership Act and benefit from the prescribed aid package shall always rest with the incumbent leadership. According to the observers in Islamabad and Washington, the EPAWP will work as a paradigm shift in the bilateral relationship between the two countries, as the entire Partnership Act limits the aid package to the civilian democratic government thus providing a guarantee to the strengthening and establishing the countrys democratic system in future. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum.