ISTANBUL (AFP) - G7 finance chiefs on Saturday warned against currency volatility, stressing the importance of a strong dollar and a flexible yuan exchange rate for future global economic stability. We have reaffirmed the necessity for the Chinese currency to appreciate... and we continue to believe that we need a strong dollar, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said after the talks in Istanbul. In a joint statement, the G7 ministers also said there were signs of a global economic recovery but added that there was no room for complacency and that fiscal stimulus measures by governments would stay in place. Excess volatility and disorderly movements in exchange rates have adverse implications for economic and financial stability, the statement said. It added that allowing the Chinese currency to appreciate would help promote more balanced growth in China and in the world economy. European finance ministers put pressure on the United States this week ahead of the G7 talks to defend the dollar, which has weakened considerably as a tentative global economic recovery has taken shape. Meanwhile there have been calls for China to allow its currency, which is strictly controlled by the nations foreign exchange authorities, to appreciate a move that would make Chinese exports more expensive. G7 finance chiefs also discussed moves to help a global economic recovery after the International Monetary Fund said growth had resumed but the crisis was not over because of rising unemployment and a weak financial sector. No way can we say that the crisis is over because unemployment is rising and the financial sector is weak, IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said in a BBC World debate before the talks in Turkeys biggest city. The G7 brings together Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States but has now been eclipsed by the G20, which includes major emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India and Russia. Leaders at a G20 summit in the US city of Pittsburgh last week agreed the wider grouping was the main forum for international economic cooperation. Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin also attended Saturdays meeting and the talks were the first for Japans new finance minister, Hirohisa Fujii, seen as an experienced bureaucrat lacking in international experience. The G7 talks come after the United States the worlds biggest economy this week reported higher than expected unemployment figures and a setback in the recovery of its battered manufacturing sector. US President Barack Obama on Friday said the job losses were a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts. Were going to need to grind out this recovery step by step, he added. Signs of recovery have pushed down the value of the dollar, which is traditionally seen on currency markets as a safe haven in tough economic times and whose status as the worlds main reserve currency has been questioned. US focused on recovery, wants strong dollar US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Saturday the United States was focused on restoring growth to the worlds largest economy and reaffirmed Washingtons commitment to a strong dollar. Its very important to the United States that we continue to have a strong dollar, Geithner said at a news conference in Istanbul after a meeting of the finance chiefs of the Group of Seven richest countries. The US Treasury chief spoke in response to a reporters question about the dollars weakness in recent months and repeated insistence by President Barack Obamas administration on a strong-dollar policy. We recognize the dollars important role in the sytem conveys special burdens and responsibilities on the US, Geithner said. And were going to do everything necessary to make sure we sustain confidence, he said, referring to the Federal Reserves massive support of the financial system and accommodative monetary policy that has kept its key interest rate near zero to try to stimulate economic growth. Washington is committed to make sure we bring our growth level back to sustainable conditions as soon as we have a recovery under way, Geithner said. The important thing is the world is growing, he added.