The Kerry-Lugar bill promises US$ 1.5 billion annually for Pakistan. Lets compare it to the proceeds from the much-delayed Kalabagh dam which would have produced power equal to 20 million barrels of crude oil every year valued at US$ 1.4 billion U.S plus food and cash crops valued at US$ 1.6 billion. Thus KBD would have given us US$ 3 billions annually and would have freed us from our dependence on both IMF and US aid. The economic independence of Pakistan can be ensured by building just this one dam, a fact that simply hasnt sunk into the consciousness of our policymakers. They are weaned too much on the IMF handouts and 'free lunches from America. There are no free lunches in the world. The KBD has to be built as soon as possible along with the Bhasha dam. The latter would take twice the time required to build KBD due to multiple problems of road building to access the site and long transmission line to the consumer area. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 02.