This is apropos the news item 'HEC-sponsored students in quandary that was published in your paper on October 3. A few good things done by the former General included freedom of media, improvement in telecom & internet technology and establishment of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). With return of the so-called democracy, all these departments, with the exception of free media, have nose-dived. HEC was working smoothly and students on HEC scholarships were having no problems in the previous regime. In the same way, the HEC had hired senior teachers including some foreign faculty that were having no serious issues in this country. Now we hear almost every other day that the HEC has no money. Students are not getting their stipends while still ensconced in foreign lands while teachers hired from foreign countries are not even getting their salaries. Whereas the luxuries, ayyashis and loot-mar of the rulers seem to have no end, the education sector is being ignored in a manner most criminal. Since the creation of this country, the education has been ignored by all successive governments. The present government is no exception. But it happens to be the worst. The illiterate nation has elected an illiterate leadership and this illiterate leadership is promoting more illiteracy. It is a vicious circle. -THE ONE CONCERNED, Islamabad, October 3.