ISLAMABAD - With a dip in petroleum prices, inflation based on Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) showed a cut of 0.57 percent in the week ended on Thursday last and was recorded at 8.12 percent, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported here on Saturday. According to the official figures, SPI based inflation for all income groups surged by 8.12 percent in the week ended on October 1 against the same period of last year, while it decreased by 0.57 percent on weekly basis. The SPI for the poor class of the society, income group up to Rs 3,000, declined by 0.37 percent on weekly basis while it increased by 8.72 percent on yearly basis. Meanwhile, for the second lowest income group, Rs 5,000 per month, the SPI on yearly basis soared by 9.50 percent and the income group of up to Rs 12,000 per month saw a price hike of 9.58 percent in the period under review. On yearly basis, the inflation accelerated by 6.73 percent for the highest income group, having income Rs 12,000. On weekly basis, it showed a cut of 0.72 percent for the same group. According to the economists, decline in petroleum prices is the main reason behind decrease in prices of basic kitchen items. In a period of a week, the prices of 17 items registered an increase, 19 items prices showed a decrease while prices of 17 commodities remained unchanged. Prices of following goods increased both on yearly and weekly basis. On yearly basis, the goods witnessing growth include tea packet, 19.21 percent, chicken, 30.11 percent, egg, 17.24 percent, moong pulse washed, 6.24 percent, mash pulse washed, 46.60 percent, tea prepared, 14.82 percent, mutton 17.44 percent, beef 20.67 percent, bread plain, 12.99 per cent, cooked dal plate, 7.15 percent, wheat flour, 18.57 percent, wheat, 12.08 percent, cooked beef plate. 11.04 percent, and firewood, 10.97 percent. Meanwhile, prices of the following items did not show any change on weekly basis, however they showed an increase on yearly basis and these are; garlic, 130.14 percent, coarse latha, 2.04 percent, sugar, 36.83 percent, potatoes, 4.90 percent, lawn, 3.44 percent, voil printed, 4.22 percent, and gur, 86.47 percent.