ISLAMABAD - Commonly used to terrorise and subjugate women, acid throwing is an horrendous act that impacts the physical, emotional, social and economic facets of survivors lives and makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life in society. Acid attack is a particularly vicious and damaging form of violence, which causes the skin tissues to melt, often exposing the bones below the flesh, sometimes even dissolving the bone. Subsequently, the survivors of such attacks undergo a lengthy process of surgical treatment and psychological rehabilitation. Every year thousands of Pakistanis, overwhelmingly women, fall victim to acid and other burn attacks. The attacks, typically to the face, gruesomely disfigure the victim and can lead to serious infections, disabilities and ostracism by family and community. Like so many other women who are victims of such attacks, Sahib Bibi a 35 year-old woman of Rawalpindi, is a typical embodiment of the cruelty of humans. April 16 2008 was a most horrifying day in the life of Sahib, when she became a victim of acid attack over a family dispute. Having been widowed and remarried to her husbands brother, she was targeted by a failed suitor as she was going to the bazaar. Her upper torso including arms were all burnt and she still cannot talk properly. Her story is gut wrenching, gory and ghastly, as the incident has had a terrible impact on her life. Despite passage of more than a year she is still suffering from a number of health related complications. Unfortunately, most of the acid burn victims, who cannot immediately be treated die, mostly because families refuse treatment or because the victims live in remote areas far from medical facilities. However, Sahib Bibi was fortunate enough to be among the few victims in the country, who could fight the legal battle and her family also remained supportive, but despite that she is living a miserable life. She has undergone long surgical treatment, but still is barele able to move her head and neck. In her depressed voice she stated that she feels lucky to have people to take care of her. She further continued that her husband works in a mobile shop and was not in a position to bear expenditures of her expensive treatment. The poor woman had to sell all her property to continue the expensive treatment. Her two daughters and caring husband are trying their best for her return to normal life. According to legal experts, the specific provisions should be made in the Pakistan Penal Court for protecting women from this horrendous act. Most of the attacks are directly or indirectly due to domestic violence, other causes include spurned sexual advances, and land, succession or marriage disputes, said a legal expert Rizwan Abbasi while commenting on the issue. The Punjab Legislature passed a resolution in 2003 proposing that acid burn cases be treated as murder, but it has yet to be enacted into legislation. Other laws limiting the purchase or sale of acid have been proposed by the Punjab and Federal parliaments but have never been implemented. A bill regarding violence against women was introduced by Information Minister Sherry Rehman in 2005 and has also been passed, but it does not mention acid attacks. It has been learnt that there are presently no laws or bills before Pakistans parliamentarians that factor in the mental trauma or loss in quality of life suffered by acid burn victims.