KARACHI (APP) - Industry will not operate to its capacity and exports and revenue targets of the country will not be achieved unless the Govt ensures un-interrupted supply of gas, electricity and water at low rates to the industry and reduce mark-up to single digit upto Dec 2009 as promised earlier. This was stated by Acting Chairman of SITE Association of Industry Ahsan Arshad Ayub while talking to a group of reporters here on Saturday. He said the industry is being shifted from Pakistan to other countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia because of un-attractive policies of the Govt and this calls for immediate corrective measures to stop this tendency to save the countrys economy. Once an industry is shifted , it will not come back in a year or two. But next generations will have to sacrifice, he said. Ahsan Ayub said that due to lack of business friendly environment, no local and foreign investors are coming forward to invest in Pakistan. If this situation continued, the country will be faced with more un-employment creating to law and order problem , and other socio-economic problems. He regretted that no body will be ready to set up industry in Nawabshah , Nooriabad and other industrial estates in interior Sindh when SITE which is the largest industrial area of the country with more than 3,000 factories is facing shattered infrastructure and shortage of utilities like water, gas and electricity.