PADANG, Indonesia (Reuters/AFP) - Rescue teams in the Indonesian city of Padang combed rubble through the night in a desperate bid to find more survivors of Wednesdays earthquake, but increasingly were retrieving only bodies. The full extent of the damage from Wednesdays 7.6-magnitude earthquake emerged as attention turned to the hundreds of villages in the hills outside Padang, a devastated city of one million at the centre of rescue efforts. On Saturday, rescuers pushed deeper into earthquake-hit Sumatra, finding entire villages obliterated by landslides, and homeless survivors desperate for food, water and shelter. AFP journalists travelling from the coastal city on Sumatra island to the surrounding mountains encountered dozens of crumbled houses on the steep roads, and then four villages buried entirely by landslides. In Padang, a university town of 900,000, rescuers were still picking through collapsed buildings to look for perhaps thousands of people still buried beneath the rubble. The massive damage to buildings and roads was hampering the aid effort. In remoter areas, the scale of the disaster was only starting to become clear, with entire villages wiped out and survivors drinking coconut water after their drinking sources were contaminated. I am the only one left, said Zulfahmi, 39. My child, my wife, my mother-in-law, they are all gone. They are under the earth now. He was being visited by 36 family members when the quake triggered a landslide in his village of Kapalo Koto near Pariaman, about 40km north of Padang. Indonesias disaster management agency put the toll of confirmed dead and missing at 809, and the UN said more than 1,000 had been killed in and around Padang. The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Indonesia El-Mostafa Benlamlih said between 3,000 and 4,000 people were trapped or buried in the rubble left by the quake. Search and rescue officers from the local government said that up to 400 people could have perished in the four hillside villages alone, including a wedding party of 30 that was preparing for a ceremony nearby. Another official said about 600 people were missing in landslides northwest of Padang. Weve only found three dead, local health ministry crisis centre chief Jasmarizal told AFP. Bob McKerrow, head of the Indonesia delegation of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, said hundreds of villages were in the disaster zone, and that the few he had visited had all reported deaths and serious injuries. Specialist teams from Australia, Britain, Estonia, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and the United Arab Emirates have arrived or are travelling to the scene to help overwhelmed and exhausted local teams. Hope was raised on Saturday when police said they had received an SMS text message from inside the ruined Dutch colonial-era Ambacang hotel, which has become a focal point for operations, drawing a crowd of hundreds. David Lange, a doctor for the SurfAid medical organisation, was inside the building as it caved in and sent colleagues a dramatic description of his escape that was passed on to AFP. After escaping the building, he came to the aid of a woman in labour who was stuck in chaotic traffic on Saturday, and delivered her baby on the front seat of the vehicle. The United Nations last estimated the death toll at 1,100 people while the government toll, which has not been revised since Thursday, stands at around 770. I think the death toll is going to rise dramatically. The current figure is going to be very low from listening to people working at the scene. There will certainly be more than 2,000, McKerrow told AFP. One lucky survivor was 20-year-old Ratna Kurnia Sari, who was pulled limp and covered in dust from the ruins of a college on Friday after 48 hours buried beneath rubble. Meanwhile, powerful typhoon Parma slammed into the northeastern Philippines on Saturday, killing four people, tearing roofs off houses and uprooting trees, but damage and flooding was much less than expected. The death toll caused by Typhoon Ketsana in Vietnam rose to 122, an official said.