ISLAMABAD - Frozen Whispers, a book written by Salma Iftikhar, was launched Wednesday in an impressive get-together.

The book was launched with the collaboration of Rotary Club Metropolitan (RCM) Islamabad. Salma Iftikhar on the occasion thanking the club for giving her the platform to launch her book said the book has been published in the UK and is available all over the world and has been much appreciated all over.

Telling about the book she said, ‘At this time when reading culture is fading and cyber technology dominates, I have made an effort to write a story which has been fictionalised and dramatised and moves around a feudal who lives in an exotic mode which is lavish and comforted. Despite his modernism due to his exposure and education he has to finally give in to the norms and rituals of the feudal culture.’

Shamim Zaidi, President of the RCM Islamabad, while addressing the gathering thanked her team for their cooperation in making the event successful. She briefly reviewed the book, which she said kept her riveted on and thought it to be a compelling read. Her observation about the book was ‘The insight into the life of the feudal in Pakistan was intense, absorbing and an elegant thriller till the end.’

The guest speakers were Dr Saeeda Asadullah, President of Council of Social Sciences, Dr Riaz Hassan, Professor of English at Air University and the retired Justice Chohan, ex-Law Secretary, also now a visiting professor at the University of Columbia, US, also spoke on the launch and praised the author’s effort and wished her success.