ISLAMABAD – MUHAMMAD NAWAZ RAZA  - There exists no tug-of-war between the Senate Secretariat and Election Commission of Pakistan on the issue of dual national lawmakers and that the ECP directions for new oaths have not been dismissed either, sources confided on Wednesday.

According to them, the Senate drafted its reply to an ECP letter of September 24 within its constitutional ambit. Senate Secretary Iftikharullah said the matter of new oaths for dual citizenship-holding lawmakers were to be decided by the ECP under the Constitution. “Whether the ECP does its work now or later, it all depends on it. We should not be pulled into it.”

To prove his point, Iftikharullah went on to say, “Any dual national legislator may oppose to our request for affidavit, but not to that of the ECP, which can directly call such details.” The National Assembly and Senate take oath from any lawmaker on the issuance of a notification by the ECP, added the official as he dispelled that there had been any tussle between the ECP and Senate Secretariat.