RAWALPINDI - The TMA Rawal Town has failed to end vehicles showrooms from footpaths and service roads beside Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree Road), ruining their importance.

The service roads and footpaths in Rehmanabad and Nawaz Sharif Park areas are fully grabbed by the auto showrooms, depriving the pedestrians from a facility specifically provided to them. Similarly, pedestrians and visitors are very irked by the transporters who park their vehicles on pedestrian areas blocking the way of the pedestrians and smooth flow of the traffic.

Moreover, the visitors of the Nawaz Sharif Park have to face problems in parking their vehicles as, besides the vehicle show rooms, the small merchants and handcart vendors occupy the parking.

The citizens demanded of the high-ups of the TMA Rawal Town to take notice of the situation and clear these areas of encroachments.