KARACHI (PR) - Color Studio Professional, a leading American cosmetics brand, is already firmly entrenched in all leading departmental stores and retail chains across the country, namely Al-Fateh, D Watson and Shaheen. Color Studio Professional has a wide range of cosmetics including a huge nail colour collection consisting of Neon nail colors and Haute nail colours, which both refer to specialised nail colours especially formulated for fashion forward and edgy makeup looks.

Color Studio Professional is now taking the next step to strengthening its presence within retail malls and departmental stores by launching state-of-the-art kiosks which are truly one-of-a-kind. These kiosks contain built-in makeup counters and nail art counters, where shoppers will be able to entertain themselves by trying out the latest nail colors and cosmetic shades.

“The Color Studio Professional kiosk at Naheed supermarket located at Tariq Road is the first of many kiosk Color Studio Professional plans to launch across the country,” said Catherine U’Chong who is the brand manager for Color Studio Professional. “This is the first and only kiosk of its kind which provides shoppers with the opportunity to try get nail art and eye makeup done while shopping. These kiosks are staffed around-the-clock with qualified makeup artists and nail artists.”