ISLAMABAD – Most of water filtration plants in the federal capital are in pathetic condition, as the plants have leaking taps.

This agency during a survey witnessed that people were facing enormous problems in getting water for domestic use in the scorching heat.

The water filtration plants at I-10, I-8, G-6 and G-7 Sitara Market are in dilapidated conditions as the taps are broken, wasting a huge amount of water daily.

The residents of the area said that official time for water is 10:00 am to 10:00 pm but still they were facing water shortage during the time fixed by the authorities concerned.

They maintained that they had to wait to get water because of the rush of the people waiting for their turn as only two taps are operational at most of the water filtration plants.

Rayan, a resident of G-7, said that tall claims of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of providing facilities to citizens and for the beautification of the city do not seem to be materialised and no one bothered to take notice of the matter despite repeated complaints in this regard.

He maintained that the most of the time concerned area people do not get water in the evening.

An operator of the filtration plant, said that the plant had been established one year ago and during this period the taps were repaired for several times but people either break or some times steal the taps.

He further said that water was being supplied according to schedule at the plants. People of the area have demanded of the CDA officials to repair the water filtration plants without any further delay.

CDA spokesman while talking to APP said that the CDA is working to ensure safe and clean drinking water at all the filtration plants in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

He said that the CDA is also working, with the help of a private company, to devise a strategy for the maintenance of the filtration plants on weekly basis.

“CDA Chairman also directed for the competition of new filtration plant and installation of new tube wells in federal capital for smooth supply and clean drinking water as soon as possible,” spokesman said.

He also said that the citizen management committees are being set up in every sector which will work in coordination with CDA workers and help redress residents’ complaints regarding water issues.

Meanwhile, residents of the twin cities are facing great threats to their health as the water being supplied them from Rawal Dam become heavily polluted by a number of inflow of sewage and wastewater.

The residents of the federal capital have no option except to drink filthy and contaminated water, which posing serious threats to their health as the capital is facing severe water crisis for the last couple of years.

Residents of sectors G-9, G-10, I-9 and I-10 have expressed strong protest against shortage of water supply and the receiving of money by the CDA in order to get tanker of water at resident’s doorstep.

“Even we pay huge taxes but we have to pay 35 rupees for one tanker to get it to the doorstep when there is shortage of water, it is absolutely unfairness with the taxpayers,” Rana Iqbal said.

“We are forced to bring drinking water from other areas and are drinking contaminated water due to the depilated conditions of water pipes lines,” a resident Jawad Shah said.

“Residents are facing immense difficulties, as water is not available for washing clothes and dirty utensils,” Ahsan Khan said.

The residents appealed to the concerned authorities to take notice of the situation and to issue directive in this regard.