KARACHI – Sindh Chief Secretary Raja Muhammad Abbas has emphasised the government officers to ensure their best performance to serve the nation and develop the country adequately. Addressing a meeting of the participants of 97th NMC (National Management Course), he maintained that the Sindh government is endeavouring to facilitate the people in providing their basic needs, specifically in the field of education, water and drainage, industrial development and clean drinking water on priority basis.Additional Chief Secretary Malik Asrar Hussain briefed that Planning and Development Department is facing the challenges of Poverty unemployment, water shortage, energy shortage, poor communications and poor human resources. He noted that Sindh is contributing 68 per cent in federal tax revenue, 80 per cent in Custom Duty and 35 per cent in Central Excise Duty of the country.   Secretary Coal and Energy Aijaz Ali Khan pointed out that the Thar Desert is one of the largest coal reserves estimated at Rs175 billion tonnes. He also elaborated the shortage of Fast Track Thar Coal Development and the key energy issues.Rehabilitation Secretary Hashim Raza Zaidi informed the visiting officers that over 1.3 million people were generally affected in the flood and rain, with 13,221 villages and 3,59,771 houses. All out measures were being taken for smooth relief, thereof accordingly.Those who attend, include Additional Chief Secretary Home Arif Ahmed Khan, Secretary GA Mumtaz Ali Shah, Education Secretary Mukhtiar Soomro and others.