According to a report by Cindy Adams published in the New York Post,  Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Secretary of State and Director National Security, has stated that, “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” That is all he is supposed to have said. And no reasons were given for this sweeping and surprising assumption coming from a former secretary of state. Dr Kissinger’s succinct observation, if rightly quoted, would lead one to believe that perhaps a debate is beginning about the US’ patronage and patience with the state of Israel, which may thus be nearing an end. It may be well that the trademark arrogance of Israel, also drawn from the comfort of a relationship with a powerful benefactor like the US, has rightly earned them the opprobrium of the world.

Their continuing and blatant insouciance towards atomic plant inspections by the UN, refusal to sign the CTBT despite pursuing a nuclear programme, continuing human rights violations and absolutely illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, are an embarrassment to be saddled with for an ally as well. Especially an ally which has to justify equal treatment across the globe, such as the censure of Iran for pursuing a nuclear programme - the broad outlines of which are exactly the same as Israel’s. With a rising public unease, no partner of Israel would feel confident in predicting this course to end well for it in the future. With so many rival centres of power emerging on the world political stage, it would be hard to imagine that the Americans will indefinitely continue their unflinching support of Israel. One wonders whether Israel even remembers how to stand on its own, without clutching at a superpower for support. Certainly, the world cannot tolerate another war. One which would almost certainly occur, if Israel’s obstruction to peace in the Middle East is not removed.