LAHORE – Stressing the need for forging unity among the people of all the provinces, TheNation Editor-In-Chief Majid Nizami on Wednesday said we should run the country like true Pakistanis.

“All Balochs, Punjabis, Sindhis and Pukhtoons are like brothers and they should rise above parochial differences to shape up the country as envisaged by the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal,” he said while addressing a ceremony held in honour of the participants of Caravan-e-Solidarity at the Hameed Nizami Hall.

Nizami lamented that every province was under the grip of conflict and discord at the moment and the country’s solidarity and integrity was under threat.

“We should think and live like Pakistanis to save the country,” he stressed, adding that Balochs, Pukhtoons and Sindhis had been living in Punjab since many years, but they always got a fair treatment from Punjabis who treated them like brothers.

Speaking on Kashmir, Majid Nizami said it was Pakistan’s jugular vein. “If Kashmir remained under Indian control, it would have the leverage to stop our waters any time, thereby turning Pakistan into a barren land. It may also release flood water any time to inflict heavy damage on the country,” he explained.

Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rashid, ‘Phool’ Editor Shoaib Mirza, Liaqat Ali Tabassum and Raja Abdul Waheed also spoke on the occasion.