Sindh faces dire challenges of poverty, population explosion, poor infrastructure, recurring natural and man-made disasters and finally dwindling provision of development assistance. The non-availability of simple things, such as drinking water, is causing people to suffer from gastroenteritis and other water borne diseases, which are very common in the rural and remote areas of the province.

Nowadays due to callously slow relief work in various flood-affected areas in Sindh, there is an outbreak of diseases such as cholera and gastroenteritis, among others, which have claimed hundreds of lives, in particular children, women and elderly people.

The incumbent rulers are there to plunder the national exchequer with no thought given to these victims who are in misery and dying due to gastroenteritis and other ailments in the areas. We request the humanitarian bodies such as UNICEF, WHO, ICRC, Qatar Charity and the NGO’s to help in rescuing these flood victims.


Islamabad, October 2.