KARACHI - Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that those who are opposing the Local Government Bill 2012 are doing nothing but politics. The aim behind this opposition is only point scoring and misleading the masses. So-called nationalists have given nothing for the people of Sindh yet. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that during three years in severe rains and devastating floods, not a single nationalist was seen in serving the masses. These nationalists introduced Kalashnikov culture, extortions and kidnapping for ransom in educational institutions of Sindh.  “Parties are asked in the Assembly to submit their suggestions and amendments in the bill if they were against the bill but they did not do so. They just raised empty and old slogans only.” Memon said that these so-called nationalists were provoking people and giving the concept that Sindh was being divided and two parallel systems were being adopted in Sindh. He said Local Bodies System 2012 was a uniform system for the entire province. Mayors and District Councils Chairmen have got equal powers. The provincial information minister said that Pakistan Peoples Party could never think of dividing Sindh. It knew how to defend every inch of Sindh. People know the past of those who are opposing the Local Government Bill 2012, he added.