ISLAMABAD - A corrupt official of KESC, who plotted to gobble millions of hard earned rupees of the consumers by overcharging electricity bills, is now placed under suspension and facing inquiry after the said plot got leaked, it is learnt.

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), allegedly involved in over billing to all categories of consumers in monthly bills, has started inquiry against Deputy General Manager (DGM) Distribution & Finance Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui whose e-mails to General Mangers (GMs) of all Integrated Business Centres (IBCs) had made the long standing public blame now a reality. Stakeholders demanded that Shoaib Siddiqui must be awarded exemplary punishment so that no one could dare plan any such evil conspiracy to gobble money from consumers in future. Available secret plan reveals the direction of over billing of 80 lakh power units to pressed consumers in monthly bills of September and to avoid further leakages about the said secret plan of over billing to the consumers had brought all the ‘G Sheet’ (sheet of meter readings) from the business centres to its head office. This outrageous increase in power units could cast a huge impact on the consumers’ bills, if decision was obeyed. The regulatory authority of power sector should deeply look into the matter to avoid further fleecing of the poor consumers in future.

This secret plan also disclosed that Shoaib Siddiqui had sent the plan to 17 officials through e-mails and directed them to not leave it on the computer operators. The concerned officials were advised to impose 80 lakh extra units on consumers in bills of September. The DGM had also directed the GMs to increase 10 to 15 units of electricity of all consumers being billed on normal mode and further increase 50 units straight for all consumers that were billed on assessed and average mode last month.

It was also directed to make it done irrespective of anything. The KESC management has, however, suspended DGM (Distribution & Finance) Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui under the charge leakage of e-mails informing secret plan of over billing to the consumers, sources added.

Sources aware of the matter further informed TheNation that KESC inquiry against the said official, however, would bore no fruit and would met with a fate, which would maximise the interest/profit of the company no matter if at the cost of consumers. The KESC management to look into the matter has now formed an eight-member committee. This inquiry is only to reduce the heat appeared after the disclosure of this million rupees worth scam.

The KESC spokesman when contacted to get the company’s version over the secret plan replied in a generalised fashion by saying that, yes the matter is under scrutiny. He, however, preferred to not give more details about the said scam of looting emptied pockets consumers already bearing heavy brunt of sky rocketing prices of per unit of electricity.

Similarly, all efforts via telephone and SMS to get stand of Shoaib Siddiqui over his suspension from the lucrative slot remained in vain.