BAHAWALNAGAR - The Bahawalnagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed its satisfaction over the steps taken by the district police under leadership of District Police Officer Abdul Hameed to control crime.

The office-bearers of the chamber termed the police performance exemplary. They said that always the law and order remained dissatisfactory in the district but for the first time, the police had forced dacoits, robbers and professional criminals to leave the district. 

These view were expressed by BCCI members including Sohail Khan, Rana Afzal, Raja Shahid and former Kisan Board President Pir Muhammad Hussain, PML-N Youth Wing General Secretary Adnan Asghar Bodla and Mehmood Hussain Najaf.

They explained that during the period, approximately 4 dangerous dacoits were killed in police shootouts, and termed it an achievement.

They observed that the district business community especially the CCI gave very much significance to the district police officials who discharge their duties honestly, diligently and with passion.