ISLAMABAD - Roots National Institute of Teachers Training and Education (RNITTE) hosted a special two-day Qualifications, Curriculum & Assessments Programme (Qcap) 2012-13”.

This programme has been specifically structured to enhance leadership capacities predominantly in the realm of the academic sphere. This programme aims to make Roots Millennium School Leaders specialists in 21st Teaching Methodology and to define their role as a leader to take accountability and responsibility of their respective domains, says a press release issued here on Wednesday.

Our Training Faculty leverage their academic, subject expertise and field based experience to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of teacher education, personal and professional development.

The training was conducted by Roots Millennium Schools leaders who have been associated with the system for more than 5 years. Q-cap was structured to start the new academic session with great passion and enthusiasm and to review Roots School System Curriculum guidelines and policies.

RNITTE invited many guest speakers for the motivational and informative session. Professor Rizwan Taj -Head of Psychiatry PIMS Islamabad addressed the audience regarding stress management on the first day of the workshop.

To motivate the speaker, a young talented and passionate trainer - Umair Jaliawala was also invited over who discussed that Attitude of the Leaders matters and it is an important agent to bring positive change in the society.

From the beginning the aim of our training institute is to empower our teaching staff by providing them trainings for their professional development. Ultimately, the objective is to support and invigorate classroom teaching with new ideas and energy, new texts and techniques, new content and connections.

Speaking on the occasion Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq CEO Roots Millennium Schools & Founder RNITTE reiterated the need for implementing 21st century teaching approaches across the classrooms. He highlighted the various initiatives adopted by Roots Millennium Schools. He emphasized the traits of successful education leaders like authenticity, resilience, optimism, passion, progression & commitment.