LAHORE - The second Pak-Afghanistan progressive parties’ conference will be held in Lahore at Pak Heritage Hotel on Saturday under the aegis of Labour Party Pakistan.

The two-day conference will be attended by representatives of Solidarity Party Afghanistan, Afghan Labour Revolutionary Organisation and others from Afghanistan; while from Pakistan, representatives of Labour Party Pakistan, Workers Party Pakistan, Awami Party Pakistan and other social and trade union activists will participate in this important initiative.

“The conference will assert our common understanding, based on a clear-headed analysis of power relations, that the major problems in Afghanistan are its occupation by NATO in collaboration with local warlords, the extremely regressive role of the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban movement and the resultant chronic interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs by Pakistan & Iran”, member Federal Executive Committee, Labour Party Pakistan, Farooq Tariq told TheNation.

Talking about the need to convene the conference, he said that growing incidents of violence both by the religious fundamentalist groups and NATO forces have created very complicated circumstances for the progressive forces of the region. There is dire need to discuss the experiences of each other in formal and informal meetings of the progressive parties of the two countries, he added.

He hoped that this conference will play an important role in bringing more closer the progressive forces in the region to struggle against imperialist aggression, occupation and rise of religious fundamentalism.