Women’s health is not usually attached importance, it deserves since women, as a gender have little respect in the community. In Pakistan women do not enjoy any health facilities especially in the rural areas. A large number of women die during pregnancy and child birth due to lack of medical facilities available to them. It is highly important to monitor women’s health; in Pakistan we are losing three women every hour because of pregnancy associated complications. More than 30,000 young women die in childbirth.

Basic health units and rural health centers throughout the country are not equipped with new technology which results in the majority of the population not receiving basic health facilities. Gender discrimination and social taboos add to the lack of medical facilities being provided to female patients. There are many treatable diseases among women but lack of a female Medical Officer or resident doctor in rural areas they lose the battle of life without any effort being made to save them. The government should make efforts to provide better medical facilities in rural areas by giving doctors incentives to go and practice there.


Mianwali, October 1.