RAWALPINDI - Heavy traffic jam on city roads, especially after the launching of the Sixth Road flyover project on Benazir Bhutto Road, is creating a lot of problems for the masses of Rawalpindi.

The motorists said that they have to face inconvenience when they reach late at their destinations, as traffic is not being regulated properly by the traffic wardens on alternative routes being used by the motorists.

Talking about traffic jam in the city, people belonging to different walks of life said, the Benazir Bhutto Road, Raja Bazaar Road, Bank Road, Buni Chowk, Saidpur Road, Peerwadhai Road, Tench Bhatta and 22 Number Chungi have very much importance for the citizens of Rawalpindi but due to traffic jam which has become a routine matter on these roads, the citizens are suffering great. 

Due to traffic jam on Moti Bazaar Road our business is destroyed, as the customers and especially females do not come to markets, a shopkeeper Farman Ali said.

The encroachments by the owners of motorcycle showrooms on Circular Road and their illegal commercial activities on the road have led to traffic jams.

Lack of traffic signals in Raja Bazaar and other important chowks of the city also creating traffic problems.

The traffic wardens also did not perform their duties properly in several chowks, said a motorist.

The citizens have urged the authorities concerned that strict checking of traffic rules violations, particularly on Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree Road) should be ordered.

The commuters face big traffic problems on the congested Murree Road, especially from Mareer Chowk to Chandni Chowk due to heavy traffic load, traffic mismanagement and rules violations.

A motorist while underlining the need for collective efforts to confront the traffic challenges said strict adherence to the traffic rules could resolve the problem. He said traffic wardens should utilise all their energies to regulate traffic.

The mounting surge in population and expansion in the city had affected the traffic system. Growing number of vehicles had also deteriorated the traffic system, which needed serious attention, he observed.

He said that City Traffic Officers and traffic wardens should evolve a comprehensive strategy to meet the present challenges.  The drivers should also be guided regularly at traffic signals regarding observance of traffic rules and lane.

Traffic violations can result in serious consequences that should not be overlooked, Asif, a government servant, said adding modern technology should be used to check the rules violations and the violators should not be spared.

Driving on the Murree Road is enough to test the nerves of commuters especially in hot weather conditions, Atif, a commuter, said. He added, “We daily face huge traffic mess particularly at the peak hours”.

The Committee Chowk underpass and Chandni Chowk flyover on BB Road could not help control the traffic mess mainly due to wrong parking of vehicles and other traffic rules violations.

Five to 10 minute wait at all main traffic signals is a routine matter on BB Road, said Tahir, adding traffic problems on BB Road could only be addressed through strict observance of rules.