The capital cities of most countries are the best in the nation as more importance and care is given to them. Keeping that in mind Islamabad was planned very carefully, but since Ayub Khan, every government has openly flouted the ‘Master Plan’ designed for it.

This city was planned to be a green and serene city, with wide open roads and cleanliness a vital part, as it’s home to most embassies and foreign dignitaries.  But now the government is trying its level best to turn it into a ‘dead city.’ This once gorgeous capital is fast become a dump, very few people are interested in living or making investment there.

The reason for this drastic change can be laid at the feet of the Town Planning Committee, which like other government sectors, is riddled with inept officials. The newer sections of the city have become haphazard and random. There are no planned streets, and in most of the residential sector, be it E, F,G, H or I you will see open violations by the CDA; filth and garbage is lying in the market places, clogged drains are emitting a stink hard to ignore. With many ‘kachi abadees’ inside these localities, it is hard to maintain any kind of cleanliness, this is all done in cohorts with CDA.

The growing traffic is adding to the anguish of the citizens while Capital Police seems least bothered about the situation; the Zero Point Interchange has further added to the woes. The road between Faisal Underpass and Zero Point Interchange is very hazardous, as two diversions exist on the right side, and one on the left, going towards G-7. There was a time when in hot weather when one would turn left from Faizabad to enter Islamabad, one would feel a drop in temperature and admire the pleasant surroundings. All the efforts to make this into an outstanding city have been bungled by selfish and greedy people.


Islamabad, October 1.