ISLAMABAD – The district and sessions court on Wednesday reserved the judgement on the post-arrest bail application of Khalid Jadoon, the prayer leader of Mehra Jaffer Mosque who had been accused of altering the evidence against blasphemy accused Rimsha Masih.

The judge would issue a ruling on the bail application on Oct 11. During hearing on Wednesday, Jadoon’s counsel Syed Wajid Ali Gillani said that Islamabad High Court (IHC) had issued a restraining order against Rimsha’s trial (until Oct 17), but not against granting bail to his client.

Moreover, Rao Abdul Rahim, the counsel for Hammad Malik, the prime accuser in the blasphemy case against Rimsha, and district attorney Islamabad, Mehfooz Paracha, also said that no restraining order had been issued against granting bail to Jadoon. Furthermore, the judge recommended the petitioner to consult with the IHC over details on the restraining order against Rimsha’s trial. The judge, after hearing the counsels’ arguments, reserved his judgment on the bail application. The decision is to be issued on Oct 11.

Police had arrested Jadoon on Sept 1 after Hafiz Zubair, a member of the Mehra Jaffer mosque, had accused him of altering the evidence against Rimsha.