LAHORE : Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab Secretary, Dr Sajid Yousafani Thursday said Punjab government has chalked out a comprehensive plan to overcome fodder shortage in the province. “Presently the country is experiencing 40 percent fodder shortage and urgent steps are needed to meet needs of fodder,” he added. He said owing to growing number of animals, fodder requirement has increased by 35 percent. However, he said that latest techniques were being introduced to enhance fodder crops production in the province.

“Milk production could be raised by 20 percent through quality fodder”, he explained. He said that livestock department is encouraging the private sector to facilitate farmers in terms of quality of semen, availability of animal feed and fodder.

To a question, Dr Sajid said the government is promoting use of quality seeds for fodder crops and research culture in livestock sector.

He said there are plans to develop grassroots level livestock research stations on modern lines.