The Anjuman Kashtkaraan, Punjab vice president said that any act of cruelty against the farmers would not be tolerated, regretting that the agricultural sector was being ruined by the government through heavy taxes.

“The farmers community is already paying heavy taxes on pesticides, water, diesel and other agricultural inputs. Any further tax would be tantamount to ruining the sector,” said Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen talking the media in Sadiqabad.

He also demanded early functioning of sugar mills, saying that delay in the mills working would cause problems for the farmers. He also urged the prime minister and the Punjab chief minister to take notice of the farmers’ problems. He said that the rate of cotton and sugarcane should be at least Rs4,000 and Rs200 respectively. He also threatened that if the farmers were not provided with relief they would be forced to take to the streets.

He detailed that because of late functioning of sugar mills, the farmers would face difficulties in cultivation of wheat crops and there would also be a crisis regarding permits thereby facilitating the agent of sugar mills to fleece the growers. He urged the government to protect the farmers’ interests. Moreover, he demanded that the government should eliminate blackmarketing across the province, saying that substandard fertilisers were being sold in the market while there was no authority to control the situation.