LAHORE  - The Federal Board of Revenue has decided to hand over power of promotions of grade 14-16 employees to chief commissioners as well as collectors in the field offices instead of keeping the authority with the FBR head office.

This was disclosed by FBR Chairman Tariq Bajwa during a meeting with a delegation of the FBR Union in his Islamabad office. The delegation, which was led by its central president Mian Abdul Qayyum, included Union Lahore president Naeem Abbas Shah, vice chairman Ch Akram and Ch Iftikhar. Tariq Bajwa, on the issue of power delegation to the field offices from the head office, said that matter has already been taken up and promotion control of grade 14-16 staff now will be delegated to the field offices as per demand of the union because the head office is very over-burdened with other issues. Due to this delay a lot of other promotions are pending for the last two years, the chairman added.

Federal Revenue Alliance Union delegation presented him a charter of demands. Mian Qayyum on this occasion said that about 93.5 per cent non-gazetted staff of the board has no representation in the management of the FBR Foundation. He said the union had already applied for changes in the basic rules of the foundation.

Mian Qayyum said that FBR can present the whole budget of the country if tax department takes decisions independently, setting aside influences of other bureaucratic departments, as it is already contributing over 70 percent of the federal budget. Qayyum lamented that the board does not spend even one percent of total revenue collected by its own staff, while several poor countries like Czechoslovakia spends around three percent of the revenue on the tax department staff.

The FBR is one of the few federal departments, which has no housing society for its employees, it said. “We have no transportation service, no medical complex as the Finance Division always creates hurdles in the way of the FBR authorities to facilitate lower staff.” The govt is spending millions on senior officials, while the lower staff is being ignored. He demanded that inspectors which are in the same cadre for the last 25 years, should be promoted to the post of IRO under their 75% quota as per court rulings.

“Like the previous years, the union will continue to support the FBR revenue collection drive but the chairman will have to facilitate the workers by fulfilling their longstanding demands.