ISLAMABAD  - The government is unable to fully control grey trafficking of international calls in the country and has sought help of the people to speed up action against the illicit business that is damaging national kitty in terms of loss of billions of rupees per year.

It is pertinent to mention here that any call coming through the illegal exchanges established by the white color financial criminals does not display the exact number from where it is coming along with the country code. Calls that land in the country using the legal channels always display the country code and the number it is coming from.

Pakistan Telecom Authority has sought the help of the public in that regard that if they receive any call that does not display the right number, should be reported to the PTA’s complaint centers that are working 24 hours for the purpose.

The illegal exchanges operate in a way that they take internet connection from any company and make agreements with the international mobile operators to use their network to land the calls in Pakistan. They install an exchange and connect it with the high bandwidth internet connection and bypass the legal channel of call landings in the country.

For using the legal channel of call landing a licence is needed from the government that the government has already given to 14 companies and PTCL. All calls coming through legal channels provide income to the government whereas the illegal exchanges do not pay a penny to the government and the owners of such exchanges mint money in connivance with the international mobile operators.