The District Police have failed to rein in the criminals and protect the life, honour and property of the citizens which is the first and foremost responsibility of the force.

As per details, the gravity of the situation can be gauged from the incident occurred in village “Jalley Sarenkey” wherein dacoits killed a man Khadim Hussain and injured two others on resistance. All three were heading for their village when dacoits intercepted and started looting valuables from them. However, the dacoits killed one and injured the two others when they attempted to overpower them. Similarly in Tehsil Pattoki, as many as 11 dacoits stormed a poultry form owned by Muhammad Mukhtar and took the workers hostage. They looted valuables, cash and licensed arms and fled away.  Whereas another gang of eight dacoits, in the same Tehsil, looted a rickshaw driver, at about 10:00pm, the same night.

Meanwhile, in Mustafa Abad, Lilani, a man along with his son was killed by identified gunmen including Sheri, Nawaz, Tariq, Khalid and Arif in daylight when both the father and son were returning home and despite being nominated in the FIR, the accused are still at large.  Meanwhile, civil society representatives, notables and citizens have demanded Kasur DPO Muhammad Saleem to take stock of the fast deteriorating law and order and mobilise the police force to rein in the criminals.

They demanded tangible steps to create sense of security among the public.