Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has urged the government to stop drone attacks before starting negotiations with the Taliban.

Addressing Pakistan Defence Conference here, Hafiz Saeed said, “If the Pakistan Army shoots down one drone, the US would have no courage to attack Pakistan again. The government should raise a voice against drones at every forum in the world.”

He noted the downfall of the US has started because of Jihad as her economy was deteriorating. America was not able to cause more loss to any country due to persistent struggle of Mujahedeen, he said. He added that if India does not give right to self-determination to the Kashmiris, she would get divided in various parts like Soviet Union.

“The government alone cannot fight the issues like terrorism and sectarianism. Shia-Sunni fight should be stopped. Everyone should play his role to defend the nation and the country. The people are suffering the outcome of Musharraf’s flawed policies. Muslim Ummah should become a rock against the enemies of Muslims. We can’t defend the country until we get independence from our enemies. Drone attacks are in fact an attack on Pakistan and her solidarity. India is involved in Shia and Sunni clashes and target killing in Karachi and Balochistan,” he said. He added that sectarianism should be stopped as anti-Pakistan powers were taking benefits of it. The scholars of both the sides should understand the thing. We should have to defend Pakistan together. The JuD Ameer said that Pakistani leaders should protect the national interests, adding that America could not support them anymore. Majority of Balochistan people are patriots and these patriots failed the conspiracies of those who want to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and want to take over Gawadar, he said.

He noted, “Indian and American conspiracies against Pakistan had been thwarted by the Mujahedeen. America wanted to protect their interests by bringing the Indian forces in Afghanistan. Today, India and America have joined hands to stop Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and his party. The Pakistan’s political leaders played the role of silent spectators when 12 years ago, America was entering into this part of the world along with its allies. However, Parvez Musharraf was preparing the defence strategy as per guidelines of the Americans.”

“In the situation,” he said, “We came forward and unite all the religious parties and groups and we resisted the strategy. Resultantly, our officials were arrested, our schools, offices and social welfare departments were closed.” Now, we are spreading awareness among the people and exposing the international conspiracies. During the last 12 years, 62 dams were constructed in India in a bid to turn Pakistan into a land barren.”

He said that the power crisis was self-created under a conspiracy. “And when I told the nation about it, sanctions were imposed on me and my party,” he said.

He added that the US and India had made a plan to loot the wealth and resources of Middle East by making a motorway from Wahga to Middle East through Pakistan but “we thwarted this plan”.