Islam, the word literally means, "Peace and Prosperity", not for Muslims specifically nor for any specific ethnic group but for all mankind. Islam exhorts its followers: whosoever kills a single soul, it's as though killing the mankind altogether and whosoever saves a single soul it's as though saving the mankind altogether." What's happening in Pakistan s that though it was conceived in the name of Islam it does not reflect any Islamic values.

The Quaid said that, Pakistan would be a place where everyone would enjoy freedom to hold his beliefs and to practice his religion. The frequency of bloodshed happening in the country has rebuked the purpose of its creation. Today marks a black day in the history of our country when a blast claimed unprecedented number of lives. I would say unprecedented, because a church has never been targeted before, taking 86 innocent lives. The perpetrators should die of shame who have been maligning, ‘Islam’. They can’t be termed as humans, leave alone having any right to be called Muslims.


Abbotabad, September 23.