Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Chief Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that drone attacks are against the solidarity of the country and suicide attacks are the reaction of the drones.

Addressing a press conference here at the residence of JuD local leader in Block 12 here on Thursday, he also alleged that India was behind the prevailing turmoil in Pakistan including unrest in Karachi, Baluchistan and other areas which could better judged from the statement of former Indian army chief VK sing. Hafiz Saeed appreciated the clear and bold stance adopted by Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in the United Nations General Assembly, adding that India had illegally and unjustly occupied Kashmir and had been violating basic human rights there since long. The JuD chief stressed the need for the resolution of Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of Kashmiri people, saying that Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed pointed out that the crises confronted by the country including financial and social could be resolved with the elimination of interest-based financial system from the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed charged that “India along with Western imperial powers including Israel and the US has been hatching conspiracies by fanning sectarianism to destabilise Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Addressing a Difa-e-Pakistan Conference JuD Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed asked the government to confront America from the front and order army to hit drones.

He added that the motive behind committing drone attacks was to promote terrorism in Pakistan. “If these attacks continue, the suicide bombings will also continue in the country,” he warned. He blamed India and America for promoting terrorism in Pakistan, saying both of them were enemies of Pakistan, who wanted to created war-like situation in the country. He said that BJP ran terrorism camps in India. He suggested to the foreign minister to prepare a strong case regarding Indian terrorism in Pakistan and move UN’s security council on this issue.

He said that recovery of Indian arms from the office of a political party in Karachi made the situation further clear. He asked Mian Nawaz Sharif to take the benefit of the situation and get Indian terrorism camps eliminated from Afghanistan.

He praised Mian Nawaz Sharif for not declaring India Most Favoured Nation. He suggested to India to stop committing terrorism in neighbouring countries and free all occupied states including Kashmir, if it wanted peace. He said that India launched a propaganda campaign against Pakistan to befool the world as she never acknowledged the existence of Pakistan. 

He said that an international conspiracy was hatched against Pakistan under the patronage of America. “India has occupied our river illegally, it generates electricity from the water of these rivers, provides electricity to its industry at cheaper rates and wants to make Pakistan a market for her products,” he pointed out.