We have always been fooled by empty words, and now the majority of the uneducated public is running after ‘change’, however, nothing like change has ever come into our lives. Those who have been the champions of the word ‘change’ obviously observed change in their lives, but the public remained in the same exasperated conditions. Notwithstanding, the slogan of change is asked for by the public this time, which means that change is coming from the masses and this is dangerous for the proponents of the status-quo. The chant of “Go Nawaz Go” has gone viral. This is a dangerous situation for the government and they should take it seriously. We would not be wrong in saying that this slogan is a direct product of the sit-ins in Islamabad staged by PAT and PTI. This is a true season of change and we must all participate in it otherwise it will pass and no one would ever dare to actualise change again.


Lahore, October 1.