Democracy and constitution are two words that a poor man barely understands. He/she expects the government, be it a democracy, monarchy or dictatorship to take care of his/her needs. The common man does not care what is going on in the parliament or what resolutions have been passed. Though democracy may be the best system to run a state, it is so, only when it is being practiced in its true spirit. It is the implementation and not the system that matters.

Democracy is meant for the common man, but a group of monarchists have turned democracy, in Pakistan, into something worse then dictatorship. They harp and shout about democracy and act as saviors of the constitution, but when it comes to implementation, they only bring in clauses which favor their tenure of government. The basic fruit of democracy is rights of the people as well as governance and both of these things can be ensured only through a local government which helps to transform power from the upper levels to the grassroots. Instead of talk, we need to see democracy helping and facilitating the common man. All we really need is the implementation of laws and all institutions acting in adherence to them.


Karachi, September 30.