LAHORE - The appointment of Returning Officer of NA-122 has been challenged in the Lahore High Court.

Advocate Malik Munsif Awan, a candidate from the constituency, has filed the writ petition against the RO, alleging Returning Officer Zahid Iqbal is ineligible, incompetent and lacks experience to hold the office with professional commitment and honesty.

He submitted in his petition that the RO failed to perform his statutory and constitutional duty as prescribed under the Constitution and Representation of Peoples Act, 1976.

“The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) may scrutinise the nomination papers and implement Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution in letter and spirit. The ECP may also upload the qualifications and disqualifications details of every candidate on its website,” his petition states.

The Election Commission may also take strict action against the returning officers who fail to perform their duties, Mr Awan submitted in his petition.

He has prayed the court to remove the RO from the office and direct ECP to appoint a competent person on the seat for larger public interest.