a difference of opinion

S: I truly believe now that some women might actually be the greatest enemies for other women. I was at my cousin’s house today, and these women with their designer bags and a plethora of maids were actually talking about how working women are missing out on the ‘wonders’ of motherhood. For them, these women were not doing anyone any favours by working. Wow. I don’t even know how to explain or comprehend this. So by going on hi-tea and leaving their kids with maids- they know the true essence of ‘motherhood’?

A: Easy there. Let’s not let a bunch of women generalise how working women are perceived. Let’s also not undermine the hard work that takes with being a stay-at-home mother is. We seem to have forgotten how hard it is to take care of one’s children, husband and the rest of the household. Where is the respect for them?

S: Who is saying that housewives or stay at home mothers, or any woman for that matter should not be respected? What bothers me is how women who work, get to listen to such vile comments about how they are not spending time with their children. I mean, who says they are not? It’s outrageous that even though these women probably work during the day, come back and take care of the house and children- yet they are still bad-mouthed. Why? So that other women can feel better about themselves?

A: I agree, that working women do not get the respect that they deserve, but women who choose to follow ‘traditional ‘roles don’t either. Every woman, regardless of whether she works or not, should be seen as an equal.

S: Sitting and gossiping about other women, is really not the traditional role. It is just stupid and frankly sad.