LAHORE - FIA Gujranwala and Lahore arrested eight accused including four proclaimed offenders allegedly involved in human smuggling and minting millions or rupees from innocent peoples, said spokesman for FIA on Monday.

He said that a land route agent Mubashir Hussain resident of Sambrial district Sialkot was arrested by FIA Gujranwala.

An FIR number No-666/16, under section 22(b) EO1979 ¾ HTO was registered against accused with FIA Police station Gujranwala. Among others included Muhammad Irshad resident of district Jhang FIR No-460/16, a land route agent Zafar Iqbal resident of Gujranwala in case No-857/16, Malik Javed Iqbal resident of Gujranwala in FIR N-582/16, a land route agent Liaqat Ali resident of Gujranwala in case FIR No-866/16.

A proclaimed offender Zahid Javed resident of Sialkot was also arrested by FIA AHTC Lahore in case FIR No-480/14.

Among other PO arrested included Mushtaq Ahmad resident of Sahiwal wanted in case FIR 309/14.

Accused Sana Ullah resident of Narrowal Sialkot wanted in FIR No-03/16 and Nisar Ahmad resident of Gujranwala who was wanted to FIA in case 968/11 was also arrested by FIA AHTC Lahore.