ISLAMABAD: The Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelahi has said that Pakistan has always been supporting Kashmiris’ cause of right to self-determination and now also they showed a united face while reaffirming their stand.

While hailing the unanimous support of Pakistan’s political and ruling elate, Hurriyat (G) said that Pakistan being a very important party to the dispute of Kashmir, has a strong, moral and legal right to lend their helping hand to the Kashmiris in achieving their goal.

Hurriyat said that highlighting the genocide and heinous crimes against innocent Kashmiris at national and international fora, was need of the hour, as worst Indian track record of human rights would have gone unnoticed.

Meanwhile Hurriyat while agreeing to the CM’s statement that Jammu and Kashmir’s uncertainty has took a heavy toll on the people of J&K especially youth and dialogue is the only way to end this dilemma, Hurriyat said that we along-with our oppressed nation has been echoing same for the last 70 years, especially for the last 3 months in every street, village, town, city, through slogans, public demonstrations, writings, speeches, newspapers, magazines, graffiti and social networking. We have used all possible means to make very loud and clear, that people of Kashmir especially youth are sick of this political uncertainty and it has to end by peaceful means.

Hurriyat Conference (G) said that our concern is that when people like you say it, you are being garlanded and offered power and perks, but when people say the same they get bullets, pellets, grenades, teargas shells. They are crushed, arrested, slapped with PSA and shifted to far-flung jails, their houses smashed and their valuables burnet and even stolen. Their women folk raped and molested. Youth especially students are tortured in other states of your worthy country “safest for Muslims”.

Hurriyat asked CM why this duplicity? Hurriyat said that this is because you say it only for your personnel gains and petty interests. You build your castles of power on our dead ones as you have sold your mind and soul to the oppressor.

Mentioning 2008, 2009 and 2010 not achieving anything and 2016 going the same way, Hurriyat said that where there is a hatchery of Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jaffars, where conscience of the people especially bureaucracy has a price tag, where a million military might is snatching our identity and peeps even our bedrooms, where common people are lured by henchmen for their basic needs as well. Where our innocents are sarcasted for “toffee and milk”, where electrically, water and food is being presented as the favor for legalizing and justifying for atrocities and forced occupation, can there an unarmed, oppressed and maimed nation’s fight and sacrifices for justice be taken seriously.

Hurriyat said that people had this misconception that somebody who couldn’t bear a single death and would personally visit that grieved family to condole and console them, when she herself will be at the helm affairs, can’t see our loved ones being slaughtered, blinded and in case she is helpless and unable to stop it, she will waste no time to part ways with such bloodthirsty leeches, but they, as always, have been befooled and mislead, every time these stooges need their vote and support.

Hurriyat said that we value the determination and courage of our nation in high esteem, as compared to your military might and luxuries of power and will never legitimize this forced occupation.