PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has asked the Federal government to declare Western route as internal part of the CPEC.

He reminded the Prime Minister in a meeting of All Parties Conference he had agreed to declare Western route the shortest one and part of the CPEC but unfortunately the signals from different quarters indicated against it.

He said: “If it is not part of the CPEC it will be the violation of the Prime Minister’s commitment, consented to the all parties conference for making the Western route the part of CPEC.”

He was talking to the Bureau Chiefs of Peshawar-based electronic media at CM House Peshawar.

The Chief Minister said that it was within the Constitution to raise voice for the rights of the province and it was legal and justifiable to secure the rights of the province.

He asked the Federal government to sit with the Chinese government and make Western route part of the CPEC ,otherwise, it would not only be against the larger frame of overall goals behind the CPEC but will also be against national unity.

Pervez Khattak said the mysterious gesture of the Federal government and the conflicting voices created doubts about the Western route being part of the CPEC or otherwise. If the Western route was not declared part of the CPEC, he would be right to convene All Parties Conference to form a united front for making the Western route the part of CPEC.

He would not agree to less than Western part an integral part of CPEC and ,therefore, the Federal government should unequivocally announce Western route a part of the CPEC as per its commitment.

He argued under the CPEC, all provinces would get equal number of projects adding that the western route was of strategic importance to the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan and both provinces are stakeholders to it. Chief Minister said if the promise was not kept, his government would agitate against it.

He said that the Prime Minister should convene all Parties conference and convince them ,otherwise, the provincial government would convene an All Parties conference and form the future course of action, he added.

He said that the Federal government approved a link of motorway from Jhand to Kohat and expressway and Rail track from Peshawar to D.I.Khan.

The Federal government should make allocation of resources for these projects which had been reflected in the Federal PSDP.

He said these were the projects for which he struggled and approved them and these were of prime importance in the backdrop of CPEC.

The failure of Federal government to provide resources for these projects would kill the objectives behind the CPEC.

He said that his government was the custodian of the interest of the province and ,therefore, he would not rest till the fulfillment of the objectives behind the CPEC.

He would not compromise for securing and safeguarding the provincial rights.

Regarding the Afghan refugees, the Chief Minister said that the government of Pakistan and Afghanistan both wanted dignified and honorable return of the refugees so that they could play their role in rebuilding of their Afghanistan. The repatriation of the Afghan refugees was a national and international issue and according to UN Charter, the Federal government was responsible for implementation of the agreements about Afghan refugees.

The Chief Minister said that the refugees were willingly going back to their country due to border management, he said ,adding, that their registration in our country had become inevitable as unregistered foreigners created law and order problems.

He reminded that three years before, law and order situation was worst in the KP as nobody could come out of his home safe and secured but now due to successful Zarb-e-Azb operation, efforts by the police and border management, 80 per cent improvement had been registered in the security related matters.

He said that even citizen of our own country roaming without any identity, was liable to impeachment as nothing written on the forehead of any person that he was a law-abiding citizen or extremist, he told when asked.

That is why every country has its rules and regulations for the foreigners, he said.

He said that registration of the refugees was responsibility of the federation and his govt contacted the Federal government to this effect.

The Federal government communicated to start registration process from October this year.

He said that refugees should register themselves and his government would give them their right according to the law.

He said no doubt security risk would reduce after repatriation of the refugees that would help the provincial government in maintaining public order. His government had form two committees and nominated one coordinator for resolving the problems of Afghan refugees and even the special branch also established a special counter, he stated.

He rejected the politically motivated statements and asked not to make politics on this sensitive issue of national importance. The KP government would play its role in facilitating the refuges in their voluntary repatriation and would provide all kind of assistance and support to this effect, he added.