The Pakistani film industry has many achievements. The ‘60s decade is often cited as being the golden age of cinema in Pakistan. Many A-stars were introduced in this period in time and became legends on the silver screen. As black-and-white became obsolete, Pakistan saw the introduction of its first colour films. In that decade, Pakistan film industry produced legendary actors like Syed Kamal, Waheed Murad, Muhammad Ali and Nadeem. 

Unfortunately, the golden age was not one that lasted too long and the downfall of Pakistan film industry had begun. Due to low budget, films were not as good as Bollywood movies and Pakistani movies began to flop and the interest of audience shifted towards Bollywood movies. 

Currently, the Pakistani film industry is growing once again and many movies have been filmed, released and also did good business. Some of the new movies were also appreciated and liked globally. I hope that Pakistani film industry generate best movies and also request the masses to promote and help our film industry by watching their movies. 


Karachi, September 14.